The 24 hour coding marathon

Tomorrow I will do an experiment that I have being thinking of for all this week: I’ll create and launch a new website in just 24 hours.

I will write down some simple rules:

  1. I have to create and launch a new website in just 24 hours of real time. That comprises from the initial design to the moment of putting it online to the public. So, it will start tomorrow 10/Sep/2010 at 17:00 (UTC+1) and will end at 11/Sep/2010 at 16:59 (UTC+1) and I will post updates in this blog in real time.
  2. The theme will be “A travel planning website“.
  3. The site must fulfill the chosen theme and/or objective.
  4. The site must be feature complete and cannot have any serious bug that limits its intended functionality. No dead features or “not yet implemented” messages can be shown.
  5. There’s not a fifth rule. Enjoy!

I will be running this death race with the intention of testing if a nice new website can be released with such big constraints and well, to prove myself that I am able to do it!

For inspiration, I have previously read (something like 30 minutes before writing this post…) the following resources. All of them are about fast game development, so I’ll try to take the better of it to the website dimension:

See you tomorrow!

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