Introducing: LongAway

Based after the work done in the last 24 hour coding race  experiment I made at september, now I want to present you a real website: LongAway.

This new site is all about create routes in a map and sharing them with your friends. It’s easy, fast and web friendly: it works without flash, no browser has being hurt during the creation of this site. You can create a new route and have it posted in your own site in few minutes.

In comparison with the old web experiment, the site has being largely simplified, stylized and has got (a lot of) bugs fixed that could not be present in a real product. This is how the site looks now:

But this is not all, my friends. A new and really useful feature has being added to the site in the form of embeddable maps. Now, you can get a piece of code from LongAway, paste it in your own site and share the route with your users!

Here you have a real route embedded directly in this wordpress blog. You can zoom, change the map type, move over it, etc:

The site still lacks some big features and personalization of the embeddable maps, but I feel that it is usable right now and so, it officially enters in public beta status. Feel free to contact me to report/complaint about any bugs you find and all the new features that would be useful to have implemented.

Enjoy it!

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