listedPlan adds more control over your lists, removes ads, gets social

Some of you have noted the change: listedPlan has improved again its list management interface and is slowly working its way towards the planned objective of being the better and easier web list on the internet.

For those that have not checked their lists in a while, the big improvements are:

New feature: easy item reorder

You can now control which items go first and which ones you can left hanging to the bottom. This video shows how easy is to reorder the items while working with the list:

Interface tweaks

We have moved the edition controls to the left of the items, so  they don’t jump around whatever you go up and down over your items while doing changes. Less clutter!

You can now use the ESC key to go out of the edition mode as well. Try it!

No ads!

For a cleaner list, in this update we have removed the advertisements that used to show in the right part of the screen. That makes the list a lot cleaner, avoids distractions and makes the site usable from devices with narrow screens. listedPlan in your mobile phone!

Be social

Each list now sports a “facebook Like” button, so you can show your progress with the list to your friends in the popular social network. You can also follow us in listedPlan’s new facebook page.

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