Thoughts after a 24 hour web coding race

Time has passed after my experiment in fast web development and I think to have learned some lessons from it. These are some of the ones that I have being able to identify:

  • The fast-paced development combined with the freedom of something new greatly increases the excitement and enjoyment of development. Every step in the right direction makes you feel like your’re really doing something now.
  • The race against the clock, somehow makes that even the smaller task gains significance.
  • Documentation is a necessary step and always to be done in the first stages. Unfortunately, it will take you some time to use some new technology  but a learn-by-example strategy can help with it.
  • Is not bad code that makes you loose time, but wrong specifications and planning. Take the changes I made in the way you enter new places as an example of this, from a “click in the map” approach to a “search for it” one.
  • So, learn when to change the original plan and how to do it in the middle of the project. You can think that you’re loosing a lot of code and regret for the time wasted, but that’s better than getting stuck with an unusable result.
  • Having a hard deadline, make 20% of the features integrated and working correctly, is far better than having all of them in place but none in an acceptable state.

I think that’s all. For me, the experience, is completely valuable and really worth to be repeated and explored in other occasions.

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