Opensimulator 0.6.7 deb packages

I have uploaded the source package for opensimulator-server-0.6.7 to my
ubuntu launchpad PPA
, and the corresponding binary for i386 architectures has being successfully built. I hope this is a first step to see opensimulator integrated in some of the big linux distros using deb packages (i.e. Ubuntu, debian, etc)

You can find the packages here (source + binary i386):

For now, it’s a rough version with some ugly things that make the software ‘just work’. Just install it with your preferred .deb manager and launch the server with:

cd /usr/lib/opensimulator && sudo mono OpenSim.exe

I will try to improve the package in the next days so any comment is
welcome. Some stuff still missing:

  • Scripts to start and stop the server in a cleaner way.
  • Per-user configuration.

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